References relating to Gastropod

Detailed documentation (users guide) for Gastropod Version 0.1.0: Met Office Forecasting Research Technical Report

Independent validation of Gastropod Version 0.1.0: ITSC XII Conference Proceedings Paper

Water vapour line absorption predictor selection study: ITSC XII Conference Proceedings Paper

Supplement to the users guide for Gastropod Version 0.2.0: Users Guide Update

Documentation of Gastropod Version 0.2.0, including characterisation of model errors and their impact on retrieval accuracy:
V. Sherlock, A. Collard, S. Hannon and R. Saunders, Journal of Applied Meteorology, 42, 1731-1747, 2003. Request a reprint.

Characterisation of the impact of fast model errors on retrieval accuracy using the Met Office 1D-Var retrieval algorithm:
Eumetsat NWP SAF Associate Scientist mission report and/or ITSC XIV Conference Poster.

Last updated 06 April 2005.